New rumours around Government CPO appointment…

It has all gone very quiet - but we now hear that there are two late candidates for the UK Government's top procurement job, whihc may explain the lack of announcement to date.

The first - only a rumour I stress - is of a dramatic comeback into public prominence for Gordon Brown, the ex-Prime Minister. A very senior Government source told me;

"some people feel that it is largely his fault the country is in such a mess - so why not give him the chance to sort it out? If he can squeeze 20% out of the £200 billion annual public sector procurement spend, that would pretty much solve the structural deficit problem!"

There are obvious concerns about his influencing skills in such a delicate role, but "he would certainly get the attention of our top suppliers".

The second rumour is that the Football Association (and of course bear in mind that Ian Watmore, to whom this role reports, was previously CEO of the FA) have managed to offload Fabio Capello onto the Cabinet Office to fill the role. "Capello has boasted that he only needs 100 words to manage the England team.  So we reckon he should be able to sort out public procurement with about 75",  said my mole in Whitehall.

"And even if he doesn't work out as CPO, it means we can give the England job to Harry Redknapp, thanks goodness".

Stay tuned for further developments.

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