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We announced earlier this week our new website for procurement and related job opportunities – Spend Matters search4 procurement. Today I wanted to explain a little more about why we’re doing this.

Firstly, we think it is a great natural fit for Spend Matters. Our readership across the various sites is significant, (tens of thousands of visitors a week), and we hope our current readers will become users of search4 procurement – either just for a quick browse to see what’s going on in terms of job opportunities from time to time, or to do serious searching and applying for vacancies.

So we believe this will help to build the procurement community that we try to support and develop. And of course recruiters know that professionals who read Spend Matters are more aware than non-readers of leading-edge thinking, and more interested in their own development and that of the profession! (I do honestly believe that. If you take the time to keep up with latest events and thinking in procurement, it says something about your commitment to the profession).

Secondly, Spend Matters is run by people who are / have been procurement professionals ourselves (including my colleagues who are working with me on the Jobs Board). So we understand what users want and need from a site like this.

So, for example, we’re going to be providing regular articles on the site on topics related to recruitment, development and people issues generally – high value content that no other jobs site currently provides. And as we develop, we want to offer recruiters who work with us the benefit of our insight into the world of procurement and procurement practitioners as well. We’ve got various ideas about that which we’ll explore with recruiters over the next few months.

Thirdly, we believe we can develop a really high quality website but still offer excellent value for money, not just in the start up period but forever. In the true spirit of procurement people, we think a bit more competition in this market will be a good thing for users (candidates and recruiters alike) and we intend to provide that.

So, please do take a look:

  1. If you’re an individual, register with a few basic details and we’ll send you a copy of our unique and specially written  e-Guide, “Great Procurement Interview Questions (and how to answer them...)”.  Absolutely free.
  2. For recruiters, either professional recruitment firms or organisations with a job or two to advertise, all job adverts are FREE until the end of 2012. Just register on the site, which is very easy, we’ll get back to you with your full login details, then you can place adverts instantly.
  3. And while all job ads are free, we do have opportunities for advertising on the site (for anyone, not just recruitment firms) – contact us if you’re interested in that. Get yourself noticed by thousands of procurement professionals....

We would really appreciate our readers’ support in making the new site a success  – you can help hugely by telling friends and colleagues about it, and simply visiting for a look. You never know, you might even find that dream job...!

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  1. Dan:

    The links aren’t working

    1. Peter Smith:

      Now sorted – apologies!

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