New Supply Management Blog and Police head to head…

I've done a blog post for Supply Management looking at the definition of government procurement efficiency savings and (my favourite topic at the moment) what this will all mean post election when the proverbial hits the fan in terms of budgets being cut.

The post has generated some interesting comments as well - worth reading.

I've also gone head to head (which wasn't what I expected when I wrote what was originally a letter to SM) with Sue Moffatt on some plans for police procurement.  My key point (another bee in my bonnet that is buzzing harder and harder as we approach this crunch time for public procurement) is that we will only maximise procurement leverage and get the best deals from collaboration where we have commitment to deals.  Not just contracts available to be used collaboratively, but organisations coming together to manage their demand collaboratively and approach the market as one with real committed volume.

Ask me for a consulting day-rate that I am prepared to make publicly available to (for instance)  any local authority, without any guarantee of work.  It is £X per day.

Now ask me for a rate for 100 days guaranteed for each of the next three years.  It is  £X - 20%.

Committed volume, firm contracts, best deals.

I don't want to fall out with Sue though becase she is a. a talented procurement leader and b. a fellow RAWWCCKK fan!   (And a 'super fan' of these guys...)   So I'm hoping she sees it as positive that these topics are being debated; might even help her get stakeholder buy-in in the Service for what I suspect she would like to do.

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