News Flash! Peter Smith not on radio today!

There have been some new developments in the Fire Control saga, and EADS (the supplier) have now given an interview to Radio 4 which will be broadcast as part of the 'Face the Facts' programme today at 12.30 on procurement in the Fire Service.

Unfortunately - or fortunately, depending which way you look at it -  that means my interview about more general collaborative procurement and the Gateway process in the public sector has been cut to make room for EADS and won't be part of the programme.  Shame!  Should still be an interesting programme of course and will also look at the recent NAO report on Firebuy (the collaborative procurement organisations) I believe.

A bit of my interview was used in 'You and Yours' on Monday, even if for some unknown reason they introduced me as Peter Southgate...(producer has apologised!)  If you want to listen to that it is here (Chapter 4).

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  1. Gordon Murray:

    Hi Peter, I was grateful you actually provided a steer the programme was on – I doubt I would have be aware of it otherwise. However, I would be interested in your view. To me the programme was a terrible indictment of public procurement, an embarrassment. Nevertheless I look forward to saving the programme as I think it provides an useful learning tool – everyone involved in public procurement should be obliged to listen to the programme and certainly it provides a useful induction tool. I think it would also help in the training of senior managers in dealing with the media.

  2. Richard Bell:

    Your point about the need to make public sector review gate feedback public is bang on. There’s a fair bit available on the outcome of procurement processes but regular published bulletins on strategy development are hard to come by.

    I would take issue though on your point about in fighting between divisions in the private sector, although I accept that party politics do not play a role.

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