Next Generation Supplier Management – Our Next Real World Procurement Session

(Picture from a previous Real World Procurement session).

OK, so we know that half our readers are on a beach somewhere, and most of the others are going into strangely quiet offices, where the flow of emails and urgent request for meetings has almost dried up, and there’s no queue for sandwiches at lunchtime. I used to rather enjoy working at this time actually, with the chance of catching up on stuff that usually gets pushed to the bottom of the priority list. Or maybe it is different this year with Brexit and so many events in the world that need re-calibration of risk registers?

Anyway, we want to look ahead to the start of the new term, as it were, in September. As the days get cooler and the nights longer, our thoughts turn to the autumn series of conferences, events, workshops and webinars.

Our first of the new season is on September 14th in London, with Peter Smith leading the BravoSolution Real World Procurement session titled “Next Generation Supplier Management”. Supplier management is one of the “hot topics” in the procurement world at the moment, and the aim of this session is to look at the latest ideas and thinking in the field. So the context is relatively well-understood, whether we are talking about performance management or SRM (supplier relationship management), but what is changing and how will our ideas about supplier management develop in the next few years?

So Peter will be looking at issues such as how technology will bring new possibilities, and in particular how ideas from the consumer and social media worlds are coming into the B2B space. He will also look at risk management, a topic that’s on everyone’s mind at the moment – how does that play into supplier management?

Corporate social responsibility is yet another area of increased focus and we only see this increasing.  Organisations are realising that perhaps the biggest single opportunity in that field is through influencing their supply base. So how are the leading organisations doing that? And what about concepts such as the “circular economy” – how will that start influencing supplier management activities and priorities?

The session will therefore be combination of some practical and immediate advice and good practice, plus some more visionary ideas and possibilities. The format, as ever for RWP, is a combination of “lecture”, delegate participation and discussion. All followed by networking with the chance to talk about the issues with 30 or so of your peers over a good lunch. The whole event is at the Smith & Wollensky restaurant off the Strand in London – 11am till 2pm.

You can book here for a ridiculously reasonable fee and there is a 50% discount for CIPS members – just email with your CIPS Membership Number. You’ll get a discount code in return which you enter into the website to receive the discount.

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