Nigel Smith to leave OGC

We predicted this in our last post this morning but Supply Management confirms it.

I am genuinely sorry - I rate Nigel highly, he is naturally commercial and an excellent communicator.  He did originally say that he would only be in the role for 3 years, but I got the impression in recent months that he had an appetite to stay on.  Perhaps he was too closely associated with the previous administration although clearly that didn't apply in the case of Sir Peter Gershon.

I hadn't expected that there would be a COO for the Efficiency and Reform Group * AND an OGC Chief Executive as SM report.   That seems a little over the top and not exactly the "we want a slim but strong centre" as Francis Maude said when announcing the OGC move to Cabinet Office.  So you could have a decision chain of Minister, the Permanent Secretary, the COO of ERG, the OGC Chief Executive, Deputy Chief Executive or Exec Director,  Director, Category Lead, Category manager.....a lean, mean fighting machine to drive through cost reduction (once it's been signed off by the eight layers of management....) !

* NOTE: I'm sure when I wrote the above SM had a quote about there being a Chief  Exec and a COO but their report now doesn't mention the Cheif Exec role - perhaps they have been asked to change it?   Or I'm going mad?

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  1. H:

    It would be really refreshing if we stopped recycling leaders who didn’t achieve real change the first time around. Perhaps we could take a chance with some new pioneers?

  2. Dan:

    What is Ian Watmore up to these days?

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