Nurturing Procurement Talent in the Millennial Era – Coming Soon!

After last week’s Real World Procurement session on Supplier Management, we move rapidly towards the next in this year’s series, which is on October 12th in London. Delivered by Guy Allen, ex CPO at Fujitsu, Santander and Abbey National, this time we are going to be talking about the people side of things, with Nurturing Procurement Talent in the Millennial Era.

We all know there is a shortage of talent in the procurement profession,which we need to replace all of the "older generation" (see picture); so what can procurement executives do about this? How can managers and leaders address the needs and expectations of the younger "millennial" generation of procurement professionals coming into our organisations?  What can we practically do to attract the best people, motivate, retain and nurture them to become the stars and CPOs of the future?

Guy plans to discuss different stages of the process, and the issues, challenges and opportunities from recruitment through to development and retention. It should be useful to both line managers and in terms of delegates’ own careers, we suspect.

As preparation, and in conjunction with BravoSolution (who sponsor and run the series), Guy has carried out a survey that has had over 300 responses from procurement practitioners. As part of the session, he will be presenting the results and some interpretation of what it all means. Questions focused principally on what motivates people, attitudes towards technology, and what factors professionals care about most in the organisations that they consider working for.

I’ve had a quick preview, and there are some interesting findings. Do the “Millennials” really care more about saving the planet than their career success? (By the way, how do we even define Millennials)?  What motivates different age groups within the procurement workforce? And what about attitudes to technology? Is there a huge gap in thinking between those of us who grew up when an Apple was what you put in your lunchbox* and those who got their first mobile as a 5th birthday present? And crucially, what makes our organisation an attractive one for prospective staff?

As usual, this will be an interactive session, not simply a lecture. There will be time for questions, discussion and networking too -  before, after and during the excellent lunch. CIPS members get a 50% discount from the already very reasonable price (£49) and you can book here.

* Except there were no lunchboxes when I started school, you had school dinners, ate the dodgy mince & dumplings and lumpy custard or you starved.

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