Nurturing Procurement Talent in the Millennial Era – Final Tickets Available Now

A final reminder and last few tickets available -  Guy Allen is leading the BravoSolution Real World Procurement session next Wednesday 12th October in London. The title is Nurturing Procurement Talent in the Millennial Era and Guy is going to get us thinking about what it means as managers, colleagues or indeed Millennials ourselves (chance would be a fine thing) in terms of management styles, goals and philosophy around our working lives.

We reported here briefly on the survey that he will be discussing. But what exactly are Millennials – are they really different? Are they self-involved, social media obsessed – and poor? Or idealistic, altruistic and looking for a more meaningful life rather than just paying the bills?

Of course, organisations have to motivate all their staff, not just a certain band based on when they happened to be born. But we suspect that thinking about how to motivate Millennials will make us think about wider issues. We all know about the “war for talent” in procurement, as in many other areas; how can we help to make sure our organisation wins it, or at least does not end up battered and bruised on the battlefield (in metaphorical terms)?

As well as the survey results, Guy is going to get into issues such as retention strategies, workplace and job design, and what you can do to make your recruitment process attractive to candidates – so topics that I’m sure will take this well beyond the Millennial issue and make this useful for pretty much anyone.

As usual, there will also be time for questions and debate, a good networking lunch and the chance to meet around 30 of your peers from a range of different organisations – we know people always value that part of the session too. The cost is very reasonable at £49 and there is a significant discount for CIPS members – simply email with your CIPS Membership Number to get a discount code.

I’ll be there too – see you next week!

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