Observations on this year’s 50 To Know, 50 To Watch procurement vendor lists – Per Angusta takes a leap

As you may be aware, last week we announced the Spend Matters ‘50 to Know’ and ‘50 to Watch’ lists, identifying 100 firms in the procurement and supply chain solutions area that we think all procurement practitioners should have on their radar. (Learn more about the selection methodology here.) These are global lists and we’re delighted that Europe-based representation is quite strong, especially in the To Know category.

The 50 to Watch are the organisations (some more established than others) that are doing something interesting or innovative in the market. It can include newcomers that are pushing procurement forward.

The 50 to Know are those firms you really should be aware of as a senior procurement professional. Put it this way: if you were a new CPO in any industry, or maybe you have come into procurement from another function, and you wanted to know which organisations you should take a look at or meet in your first few months, these would be our answer.

Each year, some companies on the Spend Matters 50 Providers to Watch lists push themselves beyond simply a standout performance. They earn the recognition that they are not only bringing innovation into procurement organisations but are leading the charge to change the way we do business for the better. These are the providers who shifted from Watch to Know. One of those providers in the European contingent this year is Per Angusta, after three years in the To Watch list. Our lead analyst Michael Lamoureux said of the shift:

"None of us of working age can remember a time when it was more difficult to do our job or when success was so difficult to predict.  Never was it so critical to have a platform that can orchestrate not just discrete processes but programs and projects across systems and people who are now as remote as the systems being integrated. That's where Per Angusta comes in because, with Per Angusta, one can finally say Per Angusta Ad Angusta."

Per Angusta is a SaaS Procurement Performance Management (PPM) solution which structures day-to-day strategic sourcing management of procurement operations for more than 11,000 users in 90+ countries. Our analysts describe it as a technology solution designed for category, sourcing, supplier and supply management programme management. It also supports open, deep and application-specific integrations with third-party procurement technologies that organisations might have in place already or are in the process of selecting and implementing.

“Of course, we are really excited about our leap from the To Watch to the To Know list,” said Pierre LapréeCEO and founder. "It means that Procurement Performance Management has now become a new, specific segment on the Procurement technology market.”

What has made Per Angusta stand out to analysts in the past 12 months to effect this transition?

“I wouldn’t say we have done things differently this year,” says Pierre. “It’s more evolution rather than revolution. But our team has been working very hard to improve our technology and build new features. We now have more than 20 standard integrations to procurement solutions or content providers. This makes it easier for the Procurement teams to manage their workload, reduce risk, increase savings, and foster collaboration. Ultimately, it has helped our clients make a difference in the way they manage their team and showcase their performance to their CFO and the business.”

“In terms of product development, a few months ago Per Angusta launched eMyse, an innovative solution to build Procurement strategies. After nearly two decades of focusing on the transactional aspects, procurement organisations realise they also need technology for the more strategic aspects of their job.”

“Also, as Spend Matters analysts understand well, there is a need for a structured approach to PPM and it is easier than ever to assemble best-of-breed solutions. That’s what we are doing at Per Angusta and we believe this has certainly played a role in our recognition as a ’50 Provider to Know” in 2020.”

On the non-product side, and in terms of customer care, Valérie Lacour, Marketing & Communication Manager explained that “At the end of 2018 we structured our Customer Success Management team that looks after our clients from the moment the contract is signed. They implement the solution, onboard the users and ensure they get the most value out of the tools, and other things, by aiding the sharing of good practices between clients. All our Customer Success Managers have a strong procurement background and have previously worked in our clients’ shoes. The feedback from our clients has been excellent.”

The full 50 To Know/Watch lists can be found in the Spend Matters Almanac, our free vendor directory. And Pierre Laprée can be seen here talking to our analyst about their move from 50 To Watch to 50 To Know.

Look out for more European observations tomorrow. And remember you can register your company on our free Almanac if you'd like to get in front of our analysts.





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