OGC latest – ‘procurement for growth principles’

OGC have published "ten key principles for growth principles".  They strike me as good principles actually for public OR private sector and well worth a look (odd bit of jargon notwithstanding). Here they are.

The ten key procurement for growth principles

  • Analyse markets to assess where growth is achievable.
  • Manage markets by providing clear, timely information on future needs to industry, as far as possible organising a predictable, smooth and intelligently bundled pipeline of publishable forward demand.
  • Engage early with key suppliers throughout the supply chain and take suppliers' needs and capabilities into account in business planning.
  • In requirement specifications, take account of supplier feedback on practicality and of available offerings.
  • For novel requirements, work with industry to stimulate a competitive supply market where it does not already exist.
  • Using Innovation Procurement Plans, foster appropriate innovative solutions e.g. through SBRI, forward commitment procurement and other innovation-fostering strategies.
  • Departments to monitor the effectiveness of 'their' supply markets, taking action to develop or manage supply as needed.
  • By being a demanding customer, encourage lean, effective suppliers.
  • Pursue PtP priorities related to growth systematically in all relevant procurement.
  • Deploy business-friendly procurement practices e.g. advertise requirements (lower value through Supply2Gov), publish award details and debrief bidders.


PtP is 'procurement through policy" - things such as sustainability, supporting SMEs, Equalities; areas where the Government is trying to drive wider policy golds though appropriate procurement practices.

SBRI - Small Business Research Initiative.  That's a new one on me!  Here are more details - I shall have to have a look at this.

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