The Olympic Hangover part 2 – the Cure?

So, how can we avoid getting depressed as we come down from the natural high of the Olympics? How can day to day life in the office seem interesting again, after two weeks spent gazing at muscular necks, gleaming flesh and powerful thighs (and that was just the horses).

Well, you might take the opportunity to try something new or different in the work environment. We've been racking our brains and here are a few ideas that might just be positive for the procurement department, and at least make the transition back to normal life a little more bearable.

But really, it doesn’t matter whether you use these specific ideas – it’s just a good opportunity to do something new, different, motivating or inspiring, and feed off some of that Olympic energy.

1.  Before the nights start drawing in, how about a bit of after-work sports activity? Get that team-building spirit going as well as maybe encourage some physical fitness. A game of softball in the local park? A team bike ride, perhaps for charity? Ten-pin bowling? (OK, that’s not exactly strenuous but it’s good for the thumbs).

2.  It's Christmas in 4 months! I know, I know. But if you start thinking about it now, you actually have time to do something a little more interesting than the usual dodgy function room in the local hotel. You might even think of something totally different – a procurement related Treasure Hunt? A night volunteering somewhere as a team? Cycle the Olympic road-race course followed by a slap up meal (and massage) somewhere...?

3.  Start a competition of some sort in the team. Not something boring like the most savings (or sales if you’re on that side of the fence) - make it a bit different. The best idea generated in conjunction with a supplier in the next three months?

4.  Celebrate success! That great new deal you’ve negotiated, getting out of that potential supply shortage of a key raw material, that creative idea that came out of the brainstorming session with a supplier..  a lot of us (I’m one of them) rush onto the next task rather than taking a moment to celebrate success. When people deserve it, we should make sure good work is recognized.

5.  Set a target for yourself, your team or department. Perhaps entering next year’s CIPS SM or Procurement Leaders Awards? Going for an accreditation or other external recognition? Or commit to a training programme you’ve been talking about for ages but haven’t got round to.

6.  Make a resolution – persuade your most difficult internal stakeholder to join you for a coffee, beer or whatever in September. See if you can understand why they’re difficult. Look at it with the magnanimous Olympian spirit – see their side of the story..

7.  Similarly, invite your most difficult supplier to lunch (you're paying). Or the other way round if you're supply side. Again, use that as an opportunity to listen to them. What's the problem? How can you help?

8.  Arrange a demo of a procurement related technology product that you’ve read or heard about but haven’t looked at. Make it something interesting – you know, the sort of products / people we write about here.

I’m sure there are more ideas – let us know if you have a good one. And good luck with the Olympic cold turkey...

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Voices (3)

  1. Christine:

    Oh heavens. My office just instituted 1, 3, and 4…

    1. Peter Smith:

      Aren’t you glad you’re working somewhere that takes Spend Matters advice so seriously? You’re just lucky I didn’t suggest the procurement team synchronized swimming club…

  2. Dan:

    Drugs, alcohol and rock ‘n’ roll will help as well.

    This isn’t a recommendation, you understand, just an observation.

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