Oracle acquires Endeca, Spend Matters US spills the beans..

Confession time - I had never heard of Endeca until last week when they were acquired by Oracle.

It got more press than it might have because Endeca are in the same field (approximately) as Autonomy, recently bought by HP.  Mike Lynch, the guy who founded Autonomy, got into an argument with Larry Ellison of Oracle about whether Oracle had tried to buy Autonomy.. and there’s bad blood between HP and Oracle for reasons we’ve  commented on before..

Anyway, given my ignorance, I can do no better than to refer you to Jason Busch, who does know lots about Endeca. Basically, he thinks it's a good deal for everyone involved, including (potentially) for Endeca and Oracle clients. Read his post here; and just to whet your appetite, here are a couple of extracts from it..

"For those in the procurement, supply chain and manufacturing worlds who don't know Endeca, you should. They represent what Spend Matters believes is a truly next generation toolset for managing not only general ledger, invoice and related spend data, but more important, combining these financials insights with material information, part specification data, warranty claims insight and many forms of third-party structured (and even unstructured) data. Yet because they've been going in so many directions …the emphasis on selling into procurement and supply chain was only given limited focus at Endeca".

And from a previous Spend Matters post:

“… companies such as Endeca...enable procurement organizations tackling direct materials categories to begin to analyze and act on engineering information in the context of spend analysis and sourcing, respectively. In theses contexts, engineering data, such as part attribute information (e.g., the amount of copper used in a part or bill of material, the 2D or 3D cad drawing) become available to those making decisions in context".

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