Our Real Hot Topic for April – Supplier Relationship Management and Innovation

OK, if you read our first post here today, we’re hoping that most of you guessed that no, we're not really going to launch the list of the 20 Hottest Procurement Executives. Even though it is quite tempting. In fact I met someone the other day who ... no, that's quite enough of that.

It was our April Fool of course, although the 21 hottest barristers list we mentioned does exist and the not yet at the time Mrs George Clooney really did top the female version of that list. (They did the male barristers as well, and you have to say, there are some jolly attractive people there of both sexes, who also have huge brain power. How depressing for us mere mortals).

Our real Hot Topic for April, you will be pleased to know, is Supplier Relationship Management and Innovation. We decided to put SRM and Innovation together because whilst they are not always closely linked, for most organisations, capturing and developing supplier innovation is likely to come via some sort of SRM programme.

It is genuinely one of the hottest topics in procurement and has been for a few years now, yet it is still probably talked about more than it is successfully executed by procurement organisations. So we'll see if we can come up with a few ideas and perhaps bust a few myths along the way. And we've got some guest writers lined up who have interesting viewpoints and some genuinely original ideas that will be useful to many readers, I’m sure.

We’ll start after the Easter weekend though, as the next few days are a holiday for many, so look out for coverage starting on Tuesday.

And you can put away all those selfies you were planning to send us for now.

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