Our Monthly Hot Topic for April is … Procurement Hotties!

Hot TopicAs we start another month, we've decided that our hot topic for this month should be really hot! That’s hot as in red hot, hot as in steaming, and when we say hot, we mean SMOKIN'!

Following the huge success of the Your Barrister Boyfriend website, which listed the 21 Hottest male and female barristers in London in 2013, we think it is time we did the same for the procurement world. Yes, we're launching our Hottest 20 Procurement Pros in the World today!

And just remember; that Barristers list had a certain Amal Alamuddin as their number one – that may well have alerted her future husband, Mr. George Clooney, to her presence in the world!

So who knows which global megastars, male or female, might be waiting for our list of the hottest procurement executives, dreaming of spending the rest of their days with someone who is stunning AND can negotiate a great deal on their private plane purchase? Taylor Swift maybe? Zayn Malik (you know, him off of One Direction)?

We know that the politically correct lobby, the killjoys, the boring corporate sheep who worry about what HR might think, will throw their hands up in despair at our initiative. But we don't care! Let's face it, we've heard CIPS and others for years talking about how we need to make the profession sexy, to attract bright young things away from marketing and into the wonderful world of procurement.

How can we do this? Well, what better way than show the world the perfect purchasers, the crackers who know about Kraljic, the pussy cats from category management, the buyers you wouldn’t say bye-bye to, and the Procurement Profs who ...  (editor’s note – don’t mention Andrew Cox please…)

Hey, let’s face it - they don’t call it ProCUTEment for nothing you know!

So come on, send us your details. You can’t nominate others, we need you to blow your own (very beautiful) trumpet – all we need is a photo, head and shoulders is fine, you can keep your CIPS tie on if you like, and 100 words telling us why you should be our VERY “Hot Topic” for April….

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  1. Club Giggle:

    this was a big april fool

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