Outlook for interims – a view from Veredus

Veredus are part of Capita and one of the key players in the white collar interim market; very strong in Government and private sector.

I thought this piece was interesting from their Director, Guy James,  giving his view of the market; and his conclusion:

"My grand theory for everything is that it doesn’t matter if the market is going up or down, as long as it does one of them as that is where the interim opportunities lie – it’s the uncertain market that kills."

While his piece is primarily around the private sector, there is no doubt that things are pretty tough in the public, although there is still work around, particularly in the more devolved sectors like Health. But there has certainly been price pressure; I've had calls along the lines of "do you know anyone...but the client absolutely won't pay over £750 a day..."

Also one interesting opportunity presented like this;  "the client has £20,000 to spend - how many days could you do for that?"  Now there's an interesting idea for reverse auctioning on contingent labour - fix the total fee then make number of days the variable rather than the day rate  (don't know if anyone already does it this way)?

Anyway, the good news is that the private sector does seem to be picking up some of the slack from the public, which is of course what we need to happen in the UK economy generally, not just in the interim labour market.  Fingers crossed!

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