Infor Nexus: Vendor Analysis (Part 3) — In-Depth Solution Overview [PRO]


In this final part of our Spend Matters PRO Vendor Analysis, we’ll do an in-depth look of the Infor Nexus solution overview, providing a complete look at its procurement offering for direct spend.

Part 1 of the series focused on Infor Nexus’s solution strengths and weaknesses, and Part 2 focused on Infor Nexus competitors and the technology market that they are in.

In this final section, we will look at the Infor Nexus solution, which covers the direct materials procurement process and supply chain collaboration — from orders through shipments, invoice, payments and supply chain financing, backed by its business network where buyers, suppliers, manufacturers, logistics providers and financial institutions collaborate and exchange documents.

New solution Fiverr Business continues Fiverr’s up-market move, helps teams collaborate remotely with freelancers


Fiverr International Ltd., the online freelance services marketplace, announced the launch of Fiverr Business. The new subscription-based solution provides a way for larger, buy-side organizations to engage and work with freelancers. As such, it is a step up-market for Fiverr and a way to respond to a market adopting remote work models amid the coronavirus disruption.