Ivalua Now Paris: A Huge Success and a Testament to their Growth

Spend Matters analyst, Michael Lamoureux, attended Ivalua's annual conference in Paris last week. Here, he shares his experience and learnings with us.  I knew that Ivalua's home-turf event was bigger and better than their US one (which I attended in New York, New York) last year, but it was even bigger than I expected. Over two days, there were about 500 unique attendees (which I'm sure included around 30 Ivalua employees, but still) and it was standing room only for the late-comers at the keynotes both days. It's hard to say how much of that was due to their growing reputation (which is bolstered by almost 300 customers with locations across 70 countries that account for over 750,000 authorised platform users); their scale (which now includes 15 offices across 4 continents and a local presence in 12 EMEA countries); their size (as they have grown from 274 employees at the [...]

E-Invoicing: How To Diagnose if Your Deployment and Solution is World-Class [Plus+]

e-invoicing gmstockstudio/Adobe Stock

As our journey to world-class e-invoicing continues in this multi-part Spend Matters Plus research brief, we discuss five additional elements to diagnose the overall scope, capability and coverage of your e-invoicing deployment — and whether or not your solution provider(s) can enable you to get to world-class levels of performance. If you want to catch up on this series, we encourage you to learn about all the components of the first five elements (invoice capture, collaboration/workflow, matching, compliance/validations and mobile enablement) and a broader introduction to the topic in first installment of this series. Finally, we invite Spend Matters practitioner and consulting advisory clients to reach out to us to discuss their existing and planned deployments. E-invoicing is far more complex a solution area to analyze than e-procurement, in large part because solution capabilities and organizational requirements show so much variation compared with each other.