A brief encounter with Concur

A huge name in the T&E module of P2P but arguably not as well known more broadly, Concur has been a brand under the SAP umbrella since 2014. I attended my first SAP ‘Influencer’ event last week in Moorgate, London thanks to Ravi Sundaramurthy, Head of Systems Integrators at SAP Concur. An intentionally cosy event, no pitch, no big reveal, this was an informal evening to mingle with peers, SAP partners and team members. No showstopper perhaps, but we couldn’t fail to be impressed with the data-driven content that accelerates rapid strategy updates from sports management on football defence player lines, base line tennis serves and rugby tackle impact for head injury risk. Check out UK-based Keytree to see how they’re using SAP technology in gum shields! Frédéric Puche, Innovation Director at SAP, is a secret weapon in the SAP armoury (or at least I’ve never seen him on an [...]

E-Procurement Tech Selection and the Configurator Persona: Analysis & Commentary [PRO]

The e-procurement solutions market has been growing for the last seven years. Because of this rapid growth, the market is also fragmented, with numerous vendors competing for procurement organizations’ attention. Yet no one vendor is an ideal fit for all companies, due to the unique requirements of different organizations’ sizes, industry/vertical and prior technology investments (or lack thereof).

So how can companies with different needs evaluate procurement solutions amid an array of vendors with different capabilities?

Spend Matters’ vendor rankings in SolutionMap account for these differences using a persona-based approach. Each SolutionMap persona is calibrated to weight evaluation requirements so that it reflects the profile of certain kinds of buyers. For example, the “Nimble” persona reflects small and medium-size businesses that prioritize fast time-to-value and ease of use in the selections; the “CIO Friendly” persona emphasizes technical foundation and interoperability with other enterprise systems to make for a straightforward implementation.

So what do SolutionMap personas look at for e-procurement, and how can they help your organization make better technology decisions?

In a series of PRO articles, we’ll analyze the market according to the different SolutionMap E-Procurement personas: Nimble, Deep, Turn-Key, Configurator and CIO Friendly. (See persona definitions* below.)

This review is organized just like the RFI for SolutionMap, according to these topics: platform capabilities, features & functionalities, and customer value.

Let’s look at the e-procurement features and vendors as viewed by the Configurator persona.