Paul Vincent Joins KellyOCG – We Ask Him Why!

Last week, we featured the news that Paul Vincent, a well known figure in the world of management consulting and professional services procurement, has joined KellyOCG as Vice President - Global Talent Supply Chain Operations. We interviewed Paul to find out a bit more about his new role.

After a few years in consulting, why the move back into industry?

I am ready for a fresh challenge. Back in 2009, I wanted to test my skillset in the consultancy marketplace. The past 6 years have been hugely enjoyable and I have been fortunate to have advised on great projects across a broad spectrum of organisations and spend areas. But the honest truth is that I now miss having operational accountability. I guess I feel a little like an international football manager who misses day to day activity on the training ground! So earlier this year I made the decision to start looking for a new permanent role.

What can you tell us about your new job?

I will be joining the Global Talent Supply Chain leadership team within KellyOCG, the workforce solutions and advisory arm of Kelly Services. Primarily I will be responsible for defining next-generation talent supply chain strategies, then helping the business to plan and execute against them in our work with clients. The role will draw heavily on my procurement and change management experience as clearly I will be focusing on strategies that can deliver maximum business benefits to client organisations.

 Did you intentionally seek a non-procurement role?

No not specifically but I have quite a broad view on what good procurement leadership looks like and most of the senior roles I came across were quite conservatively defined. For example, as an advisor I have had a lot of success in giving sales teams a buyer’s perspective in how they win and retain business. Procurement professionals could do a lot more for their organisations in this respect but how many role profiles do you see with that as a core expectation?

Why the resourcing environment?

I genuinely believe that one of the biggest challenges facing organisations today is how they can find and maintain the right mix of resources to get things done and to stay competitive. Organisations need to be more fluid around their requirements and people now have more choice in terms of how they are/want to be engaged. This means that a lot of the traditional thinking in terms of finding/hiring and deploying labour needs to be reconsidered. I feel that my experience across all sides of the resourcing landscape makes this an ideal area for me to work in.

And why KellyOCG?

I first worked with the firm during my time in BT and I stayed connected with them. As a buyer I always felt they offered a different perspective to many competitors - for example in the way they would adapt their delivery model to suit a specific customer requirement, rather than doing what so many providers do in this space and just mould the requirement to fit their ‘factory set-up’. During the recruitment process I spoke to many of their senior executives and was given an insight into their broader strategy and plans, that really excited about their ambition and I want to be part of it.

 Will technology play a big part in your thinking?  

Absolutely and you can be sure I will be an avid reader of all the Spend Matters content in this area! It is obvious that technology will be a key lever of success in this marketplace and fundamental to how organisations can assess their current talent management performance and then track improvement.

Do you think your practitioner experience will be useful as you look to help procurement professionals in this spend area?

Absolutely - in three ways I hope. I obviously have a lot of first-hand knowledge of how hard it is for procurement professionals to build a composite picture of requirements across their organisation – I will certainly keep this in mind when developing future propositions and tools. Secondly I can speak their language and this will be extremely valuable when constructing a commercial case for change. Thirdly, but probably most importantly, I hope to be able to inspire them to take a more leading role in shaping their own organisations’ future resourcing agenda. My role will be focussed on the most progressive organisations and I hope to work with many progressive procurement professionals along the way!

 Will you still be running the MCA’s Consultancy Buyers Forum?

I am still working this through with the MCA. As you know, the CBF has successfully provided a way for buyers and providers of consulting services to understand each other better and increase the value of consulting outcomes. The Forum will certainly continue to be an important part of the MCA’s strategy and I do want to stay connected with the initiative. However, I am mindful that management consulting is going to be only one part of the potential resource mix I will be focusing on - so it might be time for someone else to take the lead of the CBF.

Thanks and good luck to Paul Vincent – and I’m sure we will hear more from him in coming months and years!

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