Paul Vincent, Services Procurement Expert, Joins KellyOCG

News today that Paul Vincent, one of the best known and most experienced people in the world of buying professional services is taking up a new role with KellyOCG, as Vice President - Global Talent Supply Chain Operations.

Vincent was with BT for many years, where amongst other roles he became one of the wider industry leaders in the growing area of procuring management consulting and related services. When he left BT a few years back, he set up Insight Sourcing Solutions, and has worked to assist organizations on both the buy-side and the sell-side of the professional services category.

He also notably was central to the founding and development of the Management Consultancies Association “Consultancy Buyers Forum”. We’ve reported on that a couple of times here, and it’s been a very worthwhile initiative which has done good work – both networking and solid good practice “products” – to hep buyers get the most out of their consulting spend.

Vincent will report to John Healy, vice president and managing director, Global Talent Supply Chain for KellyOCG. Now some readers we suspect will be wondering “who or what is Kelly OCG”? Well, OCG stands for “outsourcing and consulting group” and this operation is the workforce solutions and advisory arm of Kelly Services, a giant “global leader in providing workforce solutions”. Probably best known as a provider of temporary staff agency services, and one of the pioneers of that entire industry, the firm had revenues of $5.6 billion in 2014.

KellyOCG offers both consulting and outsourced service provision and is positioning itself, with some success we would say, as a thought-leader in the whole area of helping organisations get the most out of their entire pool of “talent”. That includes both staff and the whole range of externally provided talent, including temporary staff of different types, consultants, and others.

We have previously at Spend Maters commented on the blurring of lines between internal and external resource, and indeed we have a new briefing paper out this week that touches on some of those issues. One of the challenges for procurement organisations is how to apply the right commercial approaches in what are sophisticated spend areas – whether contingent labour, statement of works or consulting projects, there are parallels with management of internal staff, yet there are also some fundamental differences in the management approach needed. These are not spend categories where three bids and a bit of beating the supplier over the head on prices will reap rewards!

So as organisations use external staff resources more and more, we suspect there will be increasing opportunities for firms such as KellyOGC, so this looks like a good move for Vincent. We asked him what exactly he would be doing and he said this; “Primarily I will be responsible for defining next-generation talent supply chain strategies, then helping the business to plan and execute against them. The role will draw heavily on my procurement and change management experience as clearly I will be focussing on strategies that can deliver maximum business benefits to client organisations”.

It’s not clear yet what will happen in terms of his role with the Consultancy Buyers Forum, but we wish him success and good luck with KellyOCG – and we will have a full report of our interview with him later this week here on Spend Matters.

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