Paul Weller becomes shock favourtite for Mercury Music Prize

The Guardian reports a rush to bet on Paul Weller for the Mercury Music Prize.  His odds have dropped to a frankly ridiculous 1/10 on.  Which probably goes to show the imperfections of markets...

Anyway, despite this (below) from my post on July 30th , it wasn't me distorting the odds over the last couple of days, promise!

Paul Weller:   PS rating 8;      Betfair odds (approx) 30 – 1;    PS odds 6-1

A very strange but often quite wonderful album. As I said when I reviewed it here; “one of the most interesting and occasionally perplexing album I’ve heard for ages”.  If they want an established artist doing something brave and a bit mad, pushing the boundaries after 30 years in the business…this is it.  A good long shot.

Always thought 30/1 were daft odds though... and yes, I did get a piece of that on Betfair so I will be delighted if he comes through!

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