Per Angusta: a Laser-Like Focus on Managing the Sourcing Pipeline

“Can you imagine a Sales function without SalesForce or another CRM system? Yet those of us working in Procurement more often than not work without project management tools to make us more effective.”

The statement from Pierre Laprée, Founder of Per Angusta, rang true and a comparison I hadn’t really made before. I’ve written and spoken on several occasions about the symmetry between procurement and sales and how one should enhance the other, and the same comparisons could be drawn on the technology assets also. An organisation more readily invests in tools to enhance sales performance, but there can be gaps on the procurement side of the scales to enhance our experience and effectiveness. Procurement professionals can benefit greatly from being able to organise their strategic sourcing processes into an intuitive pipeline, so that they can track performance, forecast savings and more easily communicate their own impact on the business, to the business – we have often said that Procurement needs to showcase its achievements more!

Sourcing pipelines, if they exist at all, are too often managed offline, or by following a project flow of varying levels of project management features within a sourcing platform; the equivalent in a sales process would be pretty slick pipeline management flows of a CRM system.

Per Angusta’s niche area of expertise is in Sourcing pipeline management and they’re pretty committed to staying specialised and helping their customers realise greater value from sourcing pipeline management. Arguably, it has created its own Source-to-Pay category with its laser-like attention on pipeline management. As noted, several of the P2P and S2P providers have elements of sourcing project management but it is hard to find a competitive market solely focused on pipeline management, unless you count spreadsheets and email as the competition.

So what makes Per Angusta appealing?

  • Their cloud-based Sourcing Pipeline (or procurement performance management) platform includes many features that a procurement practitioner would want to bring under management, including team management, collaborative features which enable communication within the tool out to Finance and other business stakeholders
  • Granular savings reporting
  • Team workload management
  • Point-and-click configuration for anything from a small team to a multi-thousand global team
  • One-click integrations with platforms such as Coupa, Ariba, Ecovadis to create painless and instant value

This is a tech vendor subtly making its mark. Founded in 2012, and based out of Lyon, France, Per Angusta retains a loyal and global customer base, including the likes of Adecco, PHS, First Group, and Heineken amongst its clients (in fact it boasts a 98+% retention rate). 2018 saw steady growth, attracting 20 new customers, reaching 5000 users in more than 80 countries.

I spoke with Pierre Laprée about the roots of the name. ’Per Angusta Ad Angusta’ – From Difficulty to Greatness’.  Pierre is a voice of experience and firm in his stance that this technology enables ‘management,’ by looking forwards, not in the rear-view mirror. Having come from industry, through the consulting route to establish his business, he and his team appreciate the challenges involved in keeping on track with sourcing opportunities and the amount of expectation on successful outcomes of those projects. Thus was born his company to support those pipeline management expectations; to put reporting in the hands of the buyer. I am sure the Latin namesake of the company will be apt for its own future success. I niche provider to watch out for.

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