The Perfect Procurement Role – For Somebody (Hic!)

We don’t normally feature individual job adverts, but this one got our attention for obvious reasons. We spotted it last week on The Drinks Business website here; an advert for a “Purchasing and Procurement Officer” – but this isn’t your usual role in your usual boring business or government organisation.

This will “lead in all activities related to achieving the Company’s strategic aims in its purchasing and bottling rare and old casks of Single Malt Whisky . And sourcing and purchasing rare bottles of, Scottish, Japanese and Irish single malt whisky for our successful e-commerce sites”.

This is with Cask88, an Edinburgh-based firm with offices also in the Far East. It was formed in 2008, and “has grown to become the world’s foremost experts in rare and antique whisky. Today, we serve clients around the globe from our six international locations in Scotland, Singapore, Japan, China, Macau and the Philippines. What started as a small, family-owned business has become a globally recognised brand for high-end whisky. Services have been expanded to include cask procurement, cask storage, bespoke bottle design and sourcing antique releases”.

Salary is “to be discussed” and I’m sure you will be able to negotiate some “payment in kind!” Actually, joking aside, it sounds really interesting. There is an element of retail buying almost – looking for goods (the rare bottles) to buy that can be re-sold at a profit. Then there is a complex services element, buying the “bottling services” – I assume when the firm has purchased whole casks of whisky, which would also suggest packaging might come into the mix too. And I guess there will be a certain amount of more standard business categories around operational goods and services too.

We don’t quite understand why “knowledge of EU/Scottish Procurement legislation” is mentioned in the advertisement – this doesn’t sound like the public sector in any sense. Other requirements – experience of managing staff, the ability work across different countries, be creative and “work out of the box” (that’s like thinking out of the box but with more action, we assume) all seem sensible.

I hate to admit it, but whisky is actually my least favourite major alcoholic drink. My father let me taste his regular daily glass when I was about five – I was hassling him to try it – and I think that put me off for life. Look, if it comes down to a Bells or a Warninks Advocaat, then the hard stuff might just win the battle, but it is at that less favoured end of my alcoholic preferences.

But for someone with a more cultured palate than me, this truly could be the dream job. Applications for the role, based in Edinburgh, close on March 9th so you have a bit of time to respond. Do sober up first though …

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