Peter Smith at eWorld – Identifying the Right Procurement Solutions and Providers in a Shifting Market

If you are going to be at eWorld next week, one presentation not to be missed is Procurement Technology: A Paradigm Shift In How We Source Solutions. We would say that of course because it is our own session presented by Spend Matters Europe co-founder, Peter Smith - back by popular demand. Anyone who has seen Peter present before will know that he is not only very experienced and knowledgeable in the procurement world, but a very engaging speaker.

He will be looking at how the procurement tech landscape has dramatically changed over the past 12 years or so. Where once global tech platforms were the birth right of Finance, with typically large on-premise ERP solutions and little or no correlation with procurement needs (like modules focusing on the core requirements of contract management, spend analytics, sourcing, and supplier management) suddenly, along came the niche and specialist providers, geared towards fulfilling the specific needs of procurement, and everything changed.

Today, we consume procurement tech very differently, and we want full visibility of the whole spend spectrum: what we are buying, from whom, how, when, and so on. We also want to know a lot more about who the procurement tech suppliers are, how they operate, where they sit in the market, how they compare, which modules address our needs and their functionality, who are the upstarts in the market and much more. So Peter will be giving us chapter and verse on a) how the market is shifting and b) how we stay on top of it, understand where to go for which needs, who the players are and how they compare - basically how we navigate the sea of offerings to find the right one for our business.

We no longer have one big platform to maintain, but many solutions, which, in the ideal world, all integrate seamlessly. So he will also look at how source-to-pay solutions match up with those needs, how you identify the right fit for you, where to start, and he’ll give some expert advice on what organisations need to do to prepare for their tech purchase. He’s also got a perfect take-away (literally) on the steps you can take to define the components of your S2P process in readiness for making the right choice of solution.

He also dips into the question of ‘who’ Procurement has to be now – because while the tech landscape is changing, so the function is developing. Procurement has to do what IT did previously, he says, because business needs are driving technology selection, and in order to understand it, Procurement has to go digital itself and become ‘a source-to-pay technology master.’

With that in mind, he introduces us to a tool we can use to help us not only stay on top of technology advancements and understand how they can work to streamline our function, but how to get access to deep, tailored and current assessments of solutions and their vendors. Read more about that here.

To come along and listen to Peter, and a host of other compelling speakers, and to meet with solution providers and talk to peers about their experiences, register for eWorld here (it’s free to attend for procurement professionals and stakeholders). eWorld takes place March 5th in London, and you can read the full programme of events here.

The programme kicks off with a keynote from Michelle Baker, CPO of KPN, we also talked to her about her session on ‘Procurement’s Tipping Point – how to thrive in a tech-led future,’ and you can read more about that too.  We will be at eWorld next week and hope to see you there.

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