Peter Smith on Radio 4 Face the Facts (Fire Service Procurement): tomorrow and Sunday

Sorry, two posts in a row about what I'm doing - but have only just found out about this and it is tomorrow....

I mentioned I was interviewed by Radio 4 a few weeks back - the programme, about procurement in the Fire Service, is on Radio 4 tomorrow (Thursday)  lunchtime and repeated on Sunday evening.  I think it will be on the BBC iPlayer as well.

Independent of my contribution, it should be interesting; it is looking at the recent NAO report on Firebuy and also the Fire Control programme.  I believe Firebuy are interviewed and put up a strong defence of their performance so hopefully it will be balanced and informative.

Added 8pm: anyone who heard 'You and Yours' on Monday may have heard a preview of the Face the Facts programme with "Peter Southgate, a procurement expert" commenting on the Gateway review process and such matters.   A number of friends heard it and pointed out how much Mr Southgate sounded like me.  This is because, in fact, it was me.  Why on earth....???  Anyway, I have just had a very apologetic voicemail from the producer so I am hopeful that the broadcast tomorrow will be me.... although as my wife pointed out, it might be better to have a pseudonym depending how it all sounds....and it would be much easier to book restaurants and hotels as Mr Southgate rather than Mr Smith. So perhaps...

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  1. Lloyd:

    Very eloquent Mr Southgate! Enlightening to hear someone explain in simple language the causes of some of the huge waste in government spending.

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