President Trump – Hope Is What I Feel

On 'Trump Day' - here is another, sincere and heart-warming declaration of Hope, following last week's US election result, from Raj Sharma, CEO Censeo Consulting and Founder, Public Spend Forum. 

I know there is a feeling of anxiety that at least half of our country is feeling after this bitter, caustic, unprecedented election. Being an eternal optimist, however, hope is something I also feel.

I have hope Mr. Trump will understand the awesome responsibility bestowed upon him and will work as a President that represents all Americans. We are a diverse country that is as divided as it has ever been. But most of us are bound by the same values, the same desires … to work hard, treat each other with respect, and create a better future for ourselves and our children. I have hope Mr. Trump will work to bring us together based on our shared values so we can all be “stronger together.”

I have hope that this historic moment will bring in a new class of leaders that pay attention to the needs of a large proportion of our citizens that feel they have been left behind, ignored. Trump and Bernie Sanders both energized movements behind them. They can’t be ignored. I have hope that we will start moving the political establishment and government back from what it has become — an oligarchy that represents special interests and big corporations — to a truly representative “government of the people, by the people and for the people.”

I have hope that we as individuals will get beyond anger and instead use empathy as a means to understand each other. It is easy to point fingers and call each other racists and bigots. I’m certain there are those people out there. But I also believe it is important for us to reach out to people who are not similar to us and ask how they feel, why they feel the way they do. We need more listening and less shouting at this moment, and I have hope that we as a people are capable of that.

I have hope that all of these things together will ultimately allow us and our children to start to put the anger, venom, and harsh words of this campaign behind us, and see that we as a people are so much better than that. Campaigns unfortunately are bitter battles and have become more so in recent years. I have hope we can give each other the benefit of the doubt and start treating each other — across all party lines — with respect and dignity.

Finally, I have hope that we will remember that our duty during our short time on earth is to help each other, make a positive difference. As an immigrant, America has always represented hope for me. Unfortunately, that hope has been lost over the years for many of our citizens. I have hope that we will all get back to work and do our part so we can all say the “American Dream” is still alive and only getting stronger.

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  1. Jason Busch:

    Sage words Raj. Thank you.

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