Is the ‘tell us your problems’ government procurement website “desperation”?

Well done David Rae of Procurement Leaders for putting his head over the parapet.  He questions the purpose of the Government's portal which allows small businesses to complain about public sector procurement.

But, will a hundred-thousand rants from small and medium businesses (many of whom will have a grudge because they have not been awarded contracts) really make for a more streamlined, less complex procurement procurement process?

I would argue not. To me, it hints of desperation.

Personally, I don't fully agree with David's conclusion although I do, like him, question the value of this.  "Desperation" suggests we don't know what is "wrong" and need this appeal to a wider stakeholder group to find out.   I guess my issue is that actually, we do know all of this already, so this looks more like window dressing to me.

I absolutely guarantee that with the help of a couple of people in senior public procurement roles,  (you know who you are....) we could come up, within an hour, at no cost to the public purse,  with exactly the same list as the small firms who are holding forth on the site. Many of the points they make are good ones; but

we already know what small firms like and don't like about public procurement!

Diagnosis is not the problem; implementation and constraints such as EU rules are the issue.

And this site is also a somewhat dangerous game for the Government; they are setting expectations that these issues can be resolved.  Perhaps they will be; let's see.  But if they're not, one assumes there will be a lot of disillusioned SMEs out there.

And by way, what do CIPS think about this - many of the comments on the site are critical of procurement and procurement people.  Any views from Easton?  Or have CIPS nailed their colours firmly to a particular mast?

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