Procserve Is Our New Sponsor – eProcurement Innovators and a Pub Debate!

We are delighted to welcome a new sponsor for Spend Matters UK/Europe. But they're not exactly new to us, and you may remember that I chaired several roundtables with Procserve last year.

The firm has a fascinating history, emerging from a groundbreaking UK government initiative to develop an eProcurement platform, initially with an emphasis on catalogue capability. That explains their UK public sector heartland, although the firm does have a private sector customer base too these days. Here is how the firm describes itself.

Our online network, Procserve Commerce Network (PCN), is secure and hosted by us for our customers. Within PCN there are three software products that can be used together or separately, including an electronic procurement catalogue as well as electronic payments, business intelligence and other e-commerce services. Our technology is built on a flexible, fast and secure purchasing platform that connects buyers and suppliers whatever their size or ERP system.

There is considerable strength in the UK central government and the wider public sector - and a particularly interesting presence in Wales, where Procserve technology is an important element of a major transformation programme that is in train across pretty much the entire Welsh public procurement landscape. We plan to feature more here on that initiative, and follow its progress - looking at not just how it is going for Wales, but drawing out lessons learnt that we hope will be valuable for other public and private sector organisations.

One of the reasons we've enjoyed working with the firm up to now is that they genuinely think about procurement (you might expect all software firms to do this but ...).  So the firm has looked to make genuinely innovative developments over the years.   We reported on their work with Amazon, and we heard in the roundtables last year about some of their ideas concerning how using data from their platform might address some of the age old questions - such as whether small suppliers offer better value than larger.

We also featured Nigel Clifford's move announced recently to Ordnance Survey. Losing their highly regarded CEO means that there is inevitably change afoot at the firm, so we will follow that with interest too. And as well as covering the Wales programme, we have an exciting first event with Procserve to announce.

More details will follow soon, but we are planning one of our famous Spend Matters Pub Debates in central London on Tuesday April 28th, from 5.30 - 7 pm. That means four excellent speakers, limited to 7 minutes each, putting a short, sharp case for and against a "motion" that I'm sure will grab the interest of our readers. That is followed by questions from the floor and a vote. All held in a pub, so the chance to network, debate a topical procurement issue, and with some free food and drink too. What more could you possibly ask?

And put that date in your diary now - April 28th!


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