ProcureCon HR and Extended Workforce Event – Next Week in Amsterdam

We suspect that the ProcureCon organisation now produces more major procurement conferences around the world than any other conference firm (do tell us if we’re wrong)! A new departure and a further expansion for this year is the HR and Extended Workforce Europe event next week in Amsterdam at the Marriott Hotel on June 21st – 22nd.

“Extended workforce” is an interesting way of putting it and picks up on the growth in interest around the whole world of contingent (temporary) labour management and related topics. We’ve reflected that here at Spend Matters – both through our US colleague Andrew Karpie, who is the world’s leading expert on “work intermediation platforms”, and here with our recent report on the future of the contingent labour market general (sponsored by our friends at Comensura), which you can still download here.

Just like the successful ProcureCon Marketing event, which started around 4 years ago when the firm identified a growing area of focus for the procurement profession, this conference is aiming to reflect increased interest from procurement people in the whole HR procurement space, and a changing world of possibilities based very much on rapid development of innovative technology.

And on that topic, if you want your brain stretched a little, read Andrew Karpie here writing about Crowdflower’s platform “augmented with its own AI/machine learning capabilities, which allowed customers to build their own predictive models for their specific use cases, but without having to invest in their own systems”. I’m not sure I really understand what that means, but the “extended workforce” as ProcureCon calls it is going to include external platforms that combine human skills and knowledge and technology in ways most of us can’t even imagine yet.

But back to the event in question. It’s an agenda that has a primary focus on contingent labour and related issues, but does cover everything from implementing a “complex, multi-country contingent labour programme” to category strategies for relocation spend, and learning and development approaches. There are plenty of blue-chip firms providing speakers too, including Johnson & Johnson, Mondelez, Vodafone,  Marks & Spencer, Philips, IBM, Ericcson … etc.

If you fancy a few days of Amsterdam - canals, Van Gogh, legal marijuana and great insight into HR procurement - there’s still time to book here.

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