ProcureCon IT Europe – A New Procurement Event this Autumn

The ProcureCon Marketing event – now in year 3 - has been a success for the organisers and has become a key event for procurement professionals involved in marketing services. No doubt inspired by that, WBR has announced another new category-focused event – ProcureCon IT Europe.

If you had to choose another key category for an event, this seems like a very sensible option. The spend in the IT “master category” is huge for virtually every organisation, whether private or public and across pretty much every business sector from Oil & Gas to consumer goods, from business services to retail. So there should be a wide potential audience for this event.

What also makes it interesting right now is the level of disruptive change that the whole IT industry is going through, driven by the move to cloud technology and the “digitalisation” of pretty much everything. That means procurement practitioners in the field need to keep up with changes in the market and in terms of internal requirements if they are going to add value alongside IT colleagues.

Indeed, other executives increasingly see IT as an integral part of the business, rather than a service provided by the geeks in the basement (see The IT Crowd!) The danger for procurement is that both the IT professional colleagues we work with and procurement will be excluded from the key procurement decisions as the business does its own thing.

Anyway, day one at ProcureCon IT is titled “Optimising the efficiency and effectiveness of IT procurement” and covers topics such as the best software licensing model for your business, and the complexities (and benefits) of telecom spend management – something I would certainly be using if I was back in the real CPO world.

Day Two is “Taking your IT procurement to the next level” – a bit of a broad heading but specifics cover ongoing vendor management (now there’s a big topic) and the geographic issue - which IT procurement initiatives should be global, regional or country specific? Another very interesting topic there and I hope we can report on that either before or after the event. It’s a particular frustration for me that too many organisations still assume “bigger is best” and therefore push for solutions that don’t really work because “global” just sounds impressive!

The event is being held on the 24 - 25 November, 2015 at the Marriott Hotel, Amsterdam. We’re also pleased to offer a discount for Spend Matters readers – just follow this link and get 15% off the cost of the event by using discount code SM15.

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