ProcureCon Marketing – Looks Like It Should Be Another Great Event

Not long now until the next ProcureCon Marketing conference (a WBR event) always a well attended and well run event, we've found, for the decision makers in marketing procurement. This year, it takes place 13 - 15 June at The Tower Hotel, London  - and it looks to be no exception. Spread across three days it has lined up just over 60 thought-leader speakers, to share insights, experience and practical and best practice advice.

Themed "Transforming Marketing Procurement. Together" it is focusing on three distinct topics:

  • Embracing The New Era Of Agency Relationships
  • Navigating The Data Driven Digital World
  • Thriving In The Future Marketing Procurement Landscape

The speakers from the procurement world come from leading marketing businesses – Proctor and Gamble, Coca Cola, Shell, Vodafone, Deutsche Telekom, Danone, Mars … the list goes on, but suffice to say it's a very impressive line-up. There are also people from the agency side and provider side, and independent experts. (We said last year that we thought they might get Richard Kirstein, a Spend Matters contributor, to come and talk about his amazing knowledge of music buying and music rights, especially since there is a session on why music is worthy of a single-source approach, and how developing the music strategy can make the most of the huge value music brings to the brand. But alas ...

Anyway - you can read the line up and topics here in the three agendas. We've read them and it looks like there's something for every one who wants to learn more about adding value and getting better ROI on marketing spend.

Apart from presentations, case studies and panel discussions, there are streams that include interactive workshops, round table drill downs and more niche, deep dive workshops, like this one for example:

"ISBA Workshop: Pitch Alternatives - Best Practice For Clients And Agencies To Improve Agility And Speed To Market

The traditional all-encompassing pitch model is expensive and time-consuming for both clients and agencies. Clients now need to often be more agile and move faster. Via the Good Pitch initiative ISBA and the IPA have been working together to develop some ‘Alternative’ pitch processes for clients to consider. In order to continue to drive change and encourage clients to consider an Alternatives Pitch Process, the ISBA Consultancy Team has developed some practical guidance on the process required to successfully manage these alternatives. This Workshop will outline the four pitch alternatives and then through an audience vote bring one of these to life, taking attendees through how to run it and what type/s of project it would work for."

So lots of value to gain from that one - and it's only one of many. Interested to hear what European Marketing Services Procurement Lead from PepsiCo has to say in "In-House Agency Production Versus The Open Market - What Is Right For You?"

We've attended many ProcureCon Marketing events (here's a taster of what we discovered last year, and here) and we can say that they are not only full of good practice and innovation stories for you to take away, but they bring a good mix of people, including heads of marketing procurement and global category leaders, who share their own experiences of how you can support the business with intelligent marketing decisions. And there's plenty of time for networking with peers to understand how they are performing, what technologies they are using, their strategies etc.

It's always a sell-out too - but still time to register here.

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