Procurement and Finance Week on Spend Matters US

In looking back at what we’ve written in the past week, I realized that at least 80% of it had something to do with finance, AP, or P2P. So here you go:

An upcoming webinar.

Forget Harry and Sally - we’re interested in helping procurement and finance find their Hollywood ending at last. Join us on March 7 from 10-11am Central for: When Procurement Met Finance – How to Achieve the Hollywood Ending. Can’t make the event? Register anyway to receive access to the recording and a copy of the slides.

Some new free research to download:

A P2P Implementation Guide: Avoid the “Dumb Ways to Die” - Given YouTube’s rising influence – or at least the time we’re all wasting watching silly clips – we decided to honor the namesake viral video with a Spend Matters research paper titled: A P2P Implementation Guide: Avoid the “Dumb Ways to Die.” Our thesis is that far too many companies get themselves into trouble with eProcurement and e-invoicing implementations when they don’t have to.

A supplier diversity story.

Net 70 Terms: AP and Risk with Diverse and SMB Suppliers (Part 1) - We all too often find ourselves in the role of researchers and analysts at Spend Matters, having to do significant homework before covering a story or solutions provider. This almost always includes reference calls, product demonstrations (if applicable), briefings and trying out tools or services ourselves. But it rarely involves actually being the customer or provider experiencing a given service or capability. The fact is, truly being in the shoes of someone doing business with another party often provides the greatest lessons to learn and stories to share. (Part 2 and Part 3)

Jason’s not pleased with what a recent survey shows…

The AP Invoicing Exception Epidemic: Is It Really THIS Bad? (Part 1) - Here at Spend Matters, we’ve spent quite a bit of time covering the technical intersections of eProcurement and e-invoicing, not to mention the broader (and more important) topic of getting procurement and accounts payable (AP) on the same page in the first place. Yet it’s clear not enough people are reading our research and commentary (let alone that of all the other quality bloggers, analysts and journalists in the space) if the data in a recent research study conducted by Shared Services Link and OB10 is to be believed.

We check out Wallmedien and everything it has to offer the P2P market.

Wallmedien: A P2P Wrapper for the Confused ERP Purchasing Masses (Part 2) - When talking to Wallmedien’s US and European management teams, you feel a bit like you’re talking to the original mad P2P scientists. Gary Hare (originally of GE and now running Wallmedien in the US) certainly qualifies. But so does Georg Wall (Wallmedien’s global CEO and namesake founder). The passion, engineering, and collective subject matter depth they bring to P2P simply doesn’t exist among the executive leadership we’ve seen at competing providers, who tend to have more customer, sales (or numbers) oriented management at the top. (Part 1 here)

Happy one-week birthday, Spend Maters Netherlands. 

The first week of Spend Matters Netherlands! - Today brings a post from Gert van der Heijden, executive editor of Spend Matters Netherlands. Gert will be checking in with the English-language sites weekly, providing news and translations from the Netherlands. “It has been an exciting week for us here in the Netherlands. Starting Spendmatters.nlwas something I really wanted to do for a long time already, and I am very happy that the enthusiasm of Jason and Peter Smith was likewise.”

And this week in fantastic covers:

I’m a sucker for Stones slow jams. I’m also a sucker for Tegan and Sara.

Also, thank you very much to Peter for featuring my post asking for wedding advice, and thank you for any of your ideas, suggestions, or commentary! This weekend we’re looking at four venues - updates to come next week.

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