Procurement auctions get the debate going…

Our post - "what should procurement people do if a key supplier hates auctions?" generated a whole string of well informed comments from solution providers (thanks to Garry Mansell, MD of Trade Extensions, for stirring things up nicely...)  and practitioners, so next week I'm going to feature some of those comments in a couple of new posts on the topic.

In the meantime, and if you're interested in further reading, a couple of other reports on the topic were recommended by our commentators. "Marketdojo" said;

The Bristol Business School, in association with CIPS, conducted some fantastic reseach into the use of reverse auctions in their i-Adapt report, which collated the views of a wide sample of both buyers and suppliers.

Here is the i-Adapt report; well presented, only a few pages and worth a read.

On a different note, Andy Moorhouse of Huthwaite, whose conference sparked this whole debate, has published a white paper aimed more at the supply side, entitled "Playing the game; effective strategies for combating reverse auctions" (!) It doesn't all make comfortable reading for procurement people - all the more reason to take a look!  You need to understand how the sales side might be thinking...

And we'll come back to the issue more generally next week.

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  1. MarketDojo:

    Hi Peter, thank you for spreading the word about the i-Adapt report. It certainly has a few twists in the tail to make for interestesting reading.

    Just a note though, we sought the express permission of Bristol Business School from the work we are doing with them to refeference their report. It might be worth the consideration of you doing the same (albeit retrospectively) ?! If you have already, then please ignore me!

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