The procurement brain-drain: where is the talent going?

We're delighted to feature a guest post from James Gherardi , who specialises in the supply chain and procurement function at BIE Group, an executive search and interim management consultancy.

Since the start of the recession in 2007, we have seen a steady flow of supply chain and procurement talent leaving the UK. One major destination has been Switzerland. Candidates are often those with young children seeking family-friendlier environments, or older generations who want a better lifestyle outside work. Although salaries are often higher, when taken in context they more likely offer parity, perhaps with a small uplift. Key sectors are FMCG, Finance and Pharmaceuticals.

Why? High UK-based transaction taxes have led companies to shift the movement of raw and finished product inventory to Switzerland, and other low tax countries, to deliver value directly to the bottom line without an incremental sales volume increase.

Another factor that drove talent away was the two year low point of 2008-9, when supply chain and procurement job demand dropped off a cliff and didn’t begin recovery until the first quarter of 2010; people migrated to where the work was. Some were, and continue to be driven by interesting work such as establishing European centres of excellence or exposure to fully tax efficient supply chains. What do these people plan for the future? ......

(Read the full article here at Spend Matters search4 procurement.)

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