Procurement Cards, Armenia, and the Cabinet Office website treasure trove

Some interesting material is slipping out onto the Cabinet Office website without much fanfare. This procurement policy note was dated April but only appeared recently. It covers updates on activities such as the SME initiative and 'lean' procurement, as well as more technical advice on cancelling an OJEU notice and the accession of Armenia to the GPA. Fascinating stuff (no, really...) and essential reading for all public sector procurement staff I would suggest. There's also a discussion of problems with PQQs, and the Supplier Feedback Service, which deserves a longer piece from us shortly.

Perhaps of more general interest is this table released by the Cabinet Office under FOI showing the top ten users of the Government Procurement Card over the 2007-10 period. Given all the media interest in procurement cards, its surprising this hasn't been picked up more widely - a sign of how obsessed the press is with certain other matters at the moment I guess!

Anyway, MOD is by far the biggest user, with over £200 million a year spent each year since 07. Not surprising perhaps, given their size and the need for many of their staff (uniformed or civilian) to make purchases when they are working a long way away from requisitioning systems or stationery cupboards.

Kent comfortably tops the local authority league table, but the most interesting entry is arguably the L & Q Housing Trust, who apparently spent £41,008, 671 on just one card last year. I'm assuming that is some sort of lodge card arrangement? I hope so anyway...

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  1. bitter and twisted:

    I would be willing to bet that L&Qs spend is actually 4.1m


    Would welcomei all comments on L and Q housing.
    As a interested party in wanting to know more about this apparently non profit making organisation.
    Are they a government quango, or department?

    1. Dan:

      L & Q Housing are a Housing Association – they rent and/or sell affordable housing.

      They are an independent public sector organisation, so dont fall into the definition of a quango.

      £41m is a lot for a HA with only 66,000 properties mind…

  3. Ben McKee:

    GPC pays a rebate to the spending govt body, loyalty points are a no-no. Rebate on £200m a year will pay a goodly sized rebate that will surely be welcome to L&Q as I’m sure their budget has been reduced.

  4. PlanBee:

    £200m? – just think of all the loyalty points or cash back

  5. Rob:

    Kent use the card extensively for social care

  6. Ben McKee:

    Peter, I would be willing to bet that the L&Q would be an embedded travel card or a Procurement Card. Pcard would be my bet as the spend’s 41m.

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