More procurement case studies and commentary available to download

The very observant amongst you may have noticed a new section on the right hand sidebar of the Spend Matters. It's called "Commentary & Case Studies", and that's because it will contain, er, commentary and case studies.

We have set it up separately from the "Research Information" category because it is fundamentally different. The research papers we write tend to go into quite a lot of detail and contain either some "intellectual" insight or deep process /  market / supplier research or indeed both. If you haven't downloaded the three available at the moment, do consider that - two of them focus on advanced sourcing techniques - "market-informed sourcing" as we now call it, and the third is a detailed look at using frameworks as a procurement tool.

But in our new section we will include papers that are usually shorter, and cover a particular issue, a case study (covering use of procurement technology, process or aspect of best practice. Or one might be more of an "opinion" piece, with less IP than a research paper but we would hope still thought provoking and interesting!

So the first two are available now. We'll cover them more fully later this week, but here are the headlines.

One is titled "School Catering: Value for schools; nutrition and enjoyment for children" and describes how a group of schools in Stratford on Avon have used a framework contract (let by ESPO) and a software platform designed by Intenda to put in place their new schools catering contract.

The second - "If it ain't broke - fix it!" is based on the philosophy that says we should always look to change things while they still appear to be going well. If you leave it until you have problems, it is too late. It was inspired by conversations with Garry Mansell, MD of Trade Extensions.

Anyway, more to come on both but do download them now (free on simple registration) if you'd like to read more. And of course once you've registered, you get access to the veritable treasure trove that is the Spend Matters US research library as well.

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