Down the Procurement Christmas Pub – Season’s Greetings From Spend Matters

For all our readers who celebrate at this time of year, a very happy Christmas from Spend Matters! Nancy Clinton and I – as well as the wider Spend Matters family in the US and Mexico – would like to wish you all peace, health and happiness for the holiday season and beyond.


There are a few topics that we have not written about this week as we could see our readers disappearing off over horizon – so we will come back to the National Audit Office report on Crown Commercial Service in the New Year, for instance, and the Beeline / IQ Navigator merger. We’ve also got observations on the trends and hot topics we gleaned from the recent conference season.

We will be back next Wednesday - maybe Tuesday - and between Christmas and New Year we will have some more of our favourite articles from 2016. We will also bring you “live” reporting if anything really exciting happens in the procurement world …


4C Associates know how to cheer us up before Christmas with their latest research. Thanks guys!

“Nearly 50% of procurement professionals say their CEO or Managing Director still doesn’t understand the true purpose of the procurement department and the real value it can bring to their business.

According to research involving over 500 procurement professionals by leading management consultancy, 4C Associates, 48% said that their boss still doesn’t ‘get’ what the procurement team does or can do.  55% say they are treated as a ‘support’ function - there to just cut costs rather than recognised for the strategic value they can add across the business such as developing supplier relationship management initiatives or brand reputation.”


Rather odd story this week in the Times (and then elsewhere), suggesting that consulting and services firm Deloitte has agreed not to bid for any UK government contracts for six months as a penance for the leaked note from one of their staff that suggested the government didn't have much of a plan for Brexit. We can understand why politicians were annoyed, but isn't this all a bit ... Putinist, let's say? Does that mean any other firm that annoys the government will have to stop bidding for contracts? If the story is true, it is an interesting and not wholly welcome development.


The very wonderful Kacey Musgraves has produced a Christmas album that is excellent according to the reviewers. She is great at capturing a touch of sadness in her songs and this original song is an unashamed weepy. But what a lovely voice.

Actually, we can’t leave you on that downbeat note – here she is with Feliz Navidad to cheer you up! Both songs are on her album, “A Very Kacey Christmas”.

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