Down the Procurement Christmas Pub with Seals, Sponsors, Readers and Hozier

Here is the Spend Matters UK/Europe team at our Christmas lunch last week, at the Jack O’Newbury in Binfield, our relatively recently discovered new regular meeting place, a lovely, traditional pub that does a great omelette and chips (£5.95), with beer from the local Rebellion brewery in Marlow. (I’m always driving so it is just the one pint unfortunately). Nice pic of Nancy, don't know who the old bloke is with her though ...


According to the BBC, the "UK's new aircraft carrier, HMS Queen Elizabeth, is leaking because of a faulty seal".  I wonder whether someone has done that on porpoise? OK, we couldn't resist the joke although when I first read the BBC article, I did think immediately about "seal" as the sea creature, maybe because I'd just been catching up on the Blue Planet on TV. Anyway, this shouldn't be a big problem to resolve, but let's hope it is not indicative of poor build quality or faulty specifications on the Navy's largest new ship for decades.


Here is a great idea, although a bit too late as a Christmas present for the procurement person in your life!  Some guys in Canada have devised a negotiation-based board game called Construction & Corruption, in which players run a construction business and try to make as much money as possible while building as little as possible. It looks fun, if a little complicated compared to Cleudo!  "Construction & Corruption is a negotiation game where players bribe, cajole and convince each other. No bribes or promises are binding". You can see more here. It is a kickstarter project but I think it is definitely available in March rather than being dependent on fund-raising. We hope to get hold of a copy and try it out.


As we approach the end of another year, we would very much like to thank the two groups of people without whom Spend Matters would not exist. Our sponsors keep us going financially, and almost without exception are great people to work with. We tend to think our sponsors are in some sense self-selecting. We write honestly about firms, so if you haven’t got a very good product or service, you probably don’t want to work with us because we won’t tell fibs! Equally, if you have got something good to offer, we can help tell people about it.

So many and sincere thanks to those we have worked with through 2017 - BravoSolution, Coupa (including Trade Extensions and Spend 360), Comensura, Future Purchasing, riskmethods, Koble, Basware, Roomex, Wax Digital, Bloom, Science Warehouse, SAP Ariba, and eWorld (Revolution Events).

But the second group is even more important – our readers. Without the readers, then there really wouldn’t be any sponsors - or any Spend Matters. So we really do appreciate everyone who takes a few minutes every now and again to check us out, and particular thanks to those who comment, and bring another dimension to the site. Thank you all.


Well, that’s almost it for 2017. We will be back on December 27th with three more days’ worth of procurement stories before the year end, but for the moment, Nancy Clinton, Jason Busch and I would like to wish you a very good Christmas. Good tidings of comfort and joy, as Hozier puts it so well here. (And can we have a new album next year please, Mr Hozier.)

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