Procurement commentary you might have missed over Christmas..

We featured yesterday some of the news items we published over the holidays for anyone who didn't get around to reading Spend Matters over Christmas.  Today we'll link to some of the 'commentary' pieces from the same period for those who missed them.

We gave our views on where the economy and the world of procurement might be going during 2011.  Hedging our bets, one post took the positive outlook; the other, a much darker view.  Which do we think is most likely?  I'm worried about the risk of another major ecnomic shock in 2011; but I'm more positive about the ability of procurement and supply chain people and organisations to come through that and continue to thrive in whatever market conditions hit us.

Jason Busch looked forward to the technology reviews and items he and I plan to run in the months ahead, and he accused me of loving music more than procurement technology!  What a nerve.

We also has a series of posts from Jason (here, here, and here) where he looked at work done recently by Ecovadis, PWC and Insead, which identifies the value  (in hard cash terms) of implementing sustainable procurement programmes - and the cost of not doing so.

And on a lighter note, Fortune decided Supply Chain Management is 'hot'; I got somewhat cynical about endless announcements of huge procurement success and savings right around annual report time; and we got nostalgic for the days of lousy motor cars and green-screen computing...

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