The Procurement Community’s Top Albums of all time – coming soon!

Sometime ago my erstwhile namesake and fellow procurement veteran David Smith and I were having one of our regular discussions about the important things in life. No, not the future of CIPS, or the direction of public sector procurement, but really vital matters - like which was the stand-out Who album, whether the Killers are the best band of the last ten years, and whether U2 are the most over-rated band of all time (one of us says yes, the other no...) .

Discussions continued at a brilliant gig at the Borderline (see review here), until we hatched a cunning plan. We decided that what was really needed was to establish the procurement community's favourite albums of all time. Just think, what an honour for the artists chosen to be recognised in that way!

Anyway, it sounded like fun, and something that could stir debate and argument in the profession for months, if not years to come.

We thought about offering a totally open vote, but, to be honest, without engaging the electoral reform service, that would be a lot of work for us as organisers. So we came up with a plan  - we would suggest a top 40, then get votes around that - but give everyone a chance to nominate a few other albums as well.

To come up with the top 40, we convened a small group of musical gurus. We won't pretend it was the most diverse group ever in terms of age, race or gender... OK, a bunch of white, middle aged, blokes who work in senior procurement / related roles to be honest, who live around London and hence could make the big selection evening in the Old Monk pub last month. (We did have an American in our midst - and I apologise to several people I would have loved to have involved, and who would have added to the debate I’m sure, but we didn't get round to asking partly because of their location, for instance Mr Atkinson and Mr Neill ...)

But what I can say, is that as well as including someone who once danced with Olivia Newton John and someone who knew Margaret Thatcher really well, it was a group that really knows its music. And the debate was heated to say the least. We worked on a voting system, then a consensus, but finally each of us got to choose one or two of our own personal faves.  Which explains why even David - with his legendary powers of stakeholder management and persuasion - couldn't stop Echo and the Bunnymen creeping into our final list, much to his disgust!

And, as you’ll see next week, we ended up with 41. The final choice got so heated (and the kitty had run out), we decided to go with one extra rather than risking altogether the wrong sort of headlines in Supply Management / Spend Matters –

“Top Procurement Executives and Mandarins in Pinot Grigio Fuelled Westminster Pub Brawl – Controversy over Dylan’s Third-best Album to Blame, says Smith”.

So, we're going to publish the top 41 list next weekend – note they’re not ranked, as that would have required weeks of debate rather than hours! We'll then ask everyone to vote on their favourite top ten from our list, plus nominate up to three more albums as their personal choice. We'll run the process over the summer, and then publish the all time procurement top 40 albums in September.

As an additional incentive, we're planning a musical evening in the Autumn which everyone who joins in will have a chance to attend (depending on numbers we may have to limit it somehow. Or find a larger pub...)

And we'll have a special prize for one lucky participant. OK, we haven’t worked out either what that prize will be or what you have to do to win it – but we'll try and sort that out by next weekend!

But to whet your appetite, here are a couple of highly enjoyable hints about what made it into the list!

"All I want is your photo in my wallet, a small remembrance of something more solid..."

Poetry, sheer poetry...

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  1. Alex Kleiner:

    Well if is ‘Ocean Rain’ then Echo and the Bunnymen sounds like it a safe bet to me… Look forward to seeing the list. I do hope the Americans are well represented.

  2. PlanBee:

    Given the surnames of the leading protagonsits in this, I assume The Smith’s made the top 40?

  3. Dom O'Riley:

    looking forward to it ..I presume Mr Smith has included Thunder in this!!!.

  4. clark kent:

    Lookin forward to seeing this list.

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