Even procurement content providers need a break…

We’re back safely from our skiing holiday; we didn’t publicise it last week as my wife is convinced that the Surrey burglar community are avid readers of Spend Matters and wait, screwdrivers and crowbars in hand, until they read here about our departure from the house. But as you may have noticed, I still did a bit of blogging on current events from Austria - there's an hour or so suitable writing time between skiing and the sauna / bar I find...

Obertauern seen from a red run above the village

Now, I’m well aware there is nothing so boring as holiday snaps and tales, so we’ll keep this bit brief. But if you are a skier, do have a look at Obertauern in Austria – a much under-rated resort – and the Hotel Steiner was exceptional. There might be a blog in that actually, all about the attraction to customers and general positives of small family businesses (like the hotel)...

It was also our first holiday for two years. I’m telling you that because the mood in the UK, reflected by the budget, seems to be that it’s OK to be a striving individual or business – but it's less OK if you’ve actually “made it”, because you’re then, almost by definition, a tax avoider who needs to be brought in line. So just to stress we still see ourselves in the “striving “ category!  I do also remember the days when getting into higher rate tax echelon really made you feel you were a success – now with 5 million folk in that band, it’s less “special” but equally onerous – as a fairly high proportion of procurement professionals are finding I’m sure.

View from our hotel window

Skiing also highlights the generational impact of economic and social changes over the last few years. It may be partly a fashion thing, but the average age of skiers last week – excluding kids with their parents - must have been at least 40, probably more like 50. We hardly saw anyone in the young adult bracket. Is that because the twenty-somethings these days struggle to afford skiing because we baby boomers have appropriated the nation’s wealth so effectively?

Anyway, enough of all that politic-economo-social comment. This is, after all, a procurement site.  As well as some blogging, I did a bit of newsletter writing in the Alps and we should have our monthly edition out later this week. as long as my editor makes it home from the Amazon.  And just to whet your appetite, the lead article features Piers Morgan, Mitt Romney’s wife, ceramic mugs, and what we think is going to be a key procurement issue for the coming years. So if you don’t subscribe yet, please do – the link is at the bottom right of this page and it literally takes a few seconds to sign up.

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