Procurement Evolution and Future – Webinar Tomorrow

A very final call for our webinar tomorrow titled “The Evolution of Procurement – Alignment, Flexibility and Procurement-as-a-Service”.   In a mere 45 minutes at 4pm UK time you will get:

  • A summary of the story of how procurement has evolved to where we are today – and ideas about where we need to go next.
  • Procurement as a Service – a load of fashionable jargon-laden nonsense or the essential future of the profession? Someone will ask you that question this year, if you join us I guarantee you will have a good answer!
  • The solution to the old problem – I want to be aligned with my stakeholders, but what if they want procurement to do something that we don’t think is right for the organisation?
  • The latest thinking on contingent labour as an example of a complex service category that requires procurement to take a different approach to our traditional cost-focused mentality.

Please join me and Jon Milton, Business Development Director at Comensura, for some thought-provoking ideas and a chance to get involved in the Q&A and discussion. Free registration here. Do sign up now for March 7th at 4pm in the UK, 5pm in western Europe, 11am in New York …

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