Procurement Excellence blog – thank you to readers

It's coming up to a year since I started the Blog, and we will also be announcing some exciting news later this week.  So I thought it was a good time just to say a sincere "thank you" to everyone who has read the blog, made comments and suggestions, and said nice things (or not so nice, but constructive, things)  when we've met.

I've enjoyed writing it but it wouldn't be the same if no-one read it! Readership has grown steadily, but it would be great if everyone who is a regular could spread the word - tell your friends, send a link to your favourite post to your mailing lists, force your staff to read it under pain of demotion, that sort of thing...

Anyway, our news will follow in the next couple of days and thank you again!


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First Voice

  1. Rachel stretch:

    Hello Peter
    I hope you’re well – your latest blog article prompted me to drop you a line too. I read your blog each day – great little update on the happenings in procurement and written in a great style.
    Best wishes and thanks again for keeping procurement current, fun and at the forefront


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