Procurement Excellence blog to merge with world’s greatest procurement blog!

After long negotiations, fees to advisers that run into the double digit (yen), and a bid rumoured to be well into the realms of a bottle of really quite reasonable pinot grigio, nothing special but drinking quite nicely, the Procurement Excellence Blog has agreed to team up with what is (in all seriousness) probably the world's most successful procurement and supply chain website / blog, SPEND MATTERS.

Spend Matters has created a whole new type of 'product'; combining elements of publishing, analysis (cf Gartner), opinion and consulting / education type advice.  It has many thousands of regular readers, in the US and globally, and has become a serious opinion-former around procurement issues, technology and services.

Jason Busch of Spend Matters was one of my inspirations behind me starting this blog, and having got to know him over the last few months he is an excellent and impressive guy.  Apart from the fact he is younger than me by some distance, smarter, taller, slimmer, fitter (runs Marathons etc), more productive (son number 3 on the way),  can write 10,000 words of intelligent procurement content in a day, and plays the bass guitar better than me, I really like him...

What do I have to offer? Well, I know more about RAWWCKK music than him.  I suspect I'm still a better soccer player despite my advancing years (Americans - what do they know about football, eh?).  And I think I own more wine than him.  OK, that's about it really. early October we are launching "Spend Matters UK: Europe (incorporating Procurement Excellence)".

We will build on the Spend Matters US (and global) readership and reach, along with our Procurement Excellence (much appreciated) regular readership!  I will obviously be writing, Jason will also write some specific pieces for the new site,  we'll have some US Spend Matters material re-focused on Europe, and interesting guest writers.  If you know Spend Matters you will appreciate that Jason has an incredibly strong understanding of procurement and supply chain technology, so look out for real insight in that area.

We're really excited about this; but let me just give you one assurance.  We 've agreed that we will continue to write about music and occasionally other non-procurement stuff.  Indeed, if you read Spend Matters, you will know that they are not averse to the occasional rather 'leftfield' post, and our shared sense of humour was a key element in our deciding to team up in this way.  So we won't lose anything that you might enjoy about Procurement Excellence; but you should get a whole lot more in addition.

Finally, we are looking for sponsorship of the site (as per Spend Matters in the US).  I'll say more about that tomorrow, and we already have a number of sponsors lined up, but if anyone else is interested in reaching a very high quality procurement readership, and gaining other benefits from working with Jason and I, please drop me an email on

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