Down the Procurement Fish ‘n Chip Shop with BT, HCSA and Declan McKenna

This week we still don’t seem to have got back into the social swing – next week looks more promising for pubs and socialising generally. So for today, we’re celebrating the great British fish and chip shop with the news that yesterday Kingfisher Fish & Chips in Plymouth was awarded the title of Independent Takeaway Fish and Chip Shop of the Year at the 2017 National Fish & Chip Awards. The Burton Road Chippy in Lincoln was a worthy runner-up (I’ve eaten in their restaurant several times and it is excellent). And a special shout-out to my mother’s local, which I get to sample fairly regularly now – Bell’s of Gilesgate, Durham. They have several shops in the Durham area and their cod and chips is truly excellent.


It’s been a bad week if you have innate faith in the honesty and decency of blue-chip British firms and their management. We reported here on the Rolls-Royce scandal – very sad for an organisation that has placed high priority on having a top class internal procurement function, whilst its sales people seem to have been behaving inappropriately on the other side of the table. Then we have the fraud in BT Italy; we do wonder about the culture in that firm, which seems to have been ruthlessly sales focused for some years now. Then reports yesterday said that the procurement corruption previously disclosed at Barratt Developments might be worse than first thought. We tend to think of countries like Nigeria as the global centre of corruption – but is the UK catching up, as it were?


There’s another great article here from our colleague in the US and services procurement guru, Andrew Karpie. He’s talking about five contingent labour and services solution providers from whom he expects exciting things in 2017. If you’ve got any interest in this market, Karpie is always worth reading and here he is as interesting and insightful as ever.


Helen Lisle, Chair of the Healthcare Supplies Association, has written a message to all members, suppliers and NHS procurement staff on the HCSA website; appropriate and well put given the current intense pressure on the NHS.

“I wanted to write to you to express my thanks and appreciation for all that you do. The current activity challenges in our NHS demand even extra effort from all support staff inch NHS Procurement.

The review of ward stock levels; the urgent mobilisation of resources and immediate sourcing of additional equipment are all being achieved by our profession. The work of national and regional partners along with our suppliers has enabled Trust based Teams to support front line staff.

Our NHS is under considerable pressure and I know many Procurement colleagues are sharing this burden. Thank you for all that you at doing”.


Declan McKenna is a hotly tipped and talented 18-year-old singer songwriter from Hertfordshire, that hotbed of rock and roll excess.  This reminds me of something but can’t quite think what, but it is rather good. Note it takes a minute or so for the video to get into the actual music.

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