Procurement for millennials + a not-so-positive review of Air Canada Rouge

Everyone has a really spectacular "it was just the worst ever" story about travel. Luggage is lost for days on end. Flights are inexplicably canceled and never rescheduled. Bags are thoroughly rifled through on the Turkish/Bulgarian border at 3am while you stand freezing wondering what they're doing with your passport and how much you might have to pay to get it back (that one's me). This week we bring you a tale of woe from our own Jason Busch about getting his family back to the states from Italy on Air Canada Rouge.

From Jason himself: "I think I’ve found the bottom of the barrel of Star Alliance. While it may be painted “Rouge” on the outside, Air Canada’s new discount service made my family red with anger on the inside." Here's his initial review, and here's the follow-up complete with pictures. (I wouldn't look while you're eating). 

Peter Smith is speaking on a contract management webinar next week with Iasta and Selectica, bringing his usual wit and expertise (I know because I was just on the practice run-through). Join us on Wednesday, 9/3, at 10am Central (that's 4pm GMT) for We Don't Need No Education (But We Do Need Contract Management).

Speaking of webinars, if you're quick, you can catch us today at 4pm GMT introducing the team behind our new Spanish language endeavor and an overview of Mexican and Latin American procurement. Check out Spend Matters en Español: The State of Procurement in Mexico and Latin America live today, and if you're a Spanish speaker, here's our latest post: Compras y el desarrollo de la economía.

We've done a bit of analysis on Accenture's "Spend Trends" report. Here's what we have to say on logistics market intelligence and category intelligence for marketing and Spanish speakers.

Finally, let's talk millennials and procurement. We think there are some big changes ahead for recruiting, management, and talent development.

I can't forget music either. Peter's Reading reviews popped all sorts of new bands into my playlist, and here are my two favorite tracks:

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