Procurement horror stories from Peter and reader

[Note: This is Sydney filling in for Sheena, who's preparing to get married tomorrow!]

Halloween came and went, but we’ve been celebrating all month on the US site by soliciting procurement horror stories. Peter told three, involving respectively the public sector, 20 tons of milk fat stuck in a snowstorm, and mysterious payments to “Eastern European gentlemen of not altogether legitimate business interests.”

But our favorite reader entry? This anonymous civil servant’s tale of the reverse auction from Hell.

After attending NMSDC’s conference in San Antonio, Thomas Kase has the dirt on their consolidation drama.

Meanwhile, Pierre Mitchell and Jason Busch take a close look at PwC’s decision to acquire Booz & Company:

Before Psy, there was Dress Code, a Ukrainian pop band that parodied the posh so aptly that… well, sometimes you don’t know whether it was meant to be ironic or sincere, and who was laughing at whom. Is “Persona VIP” a parody? Does Psy hate Americans? Who actually wrote Shakespeare’s works?

Popular culture (in the broadest sense) really mystifies.

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