Procurement hot topics – our agenda for 2014 (part 3)

We’ve been thinking about which broad topics we want to cover here at Spend Matters UK/ Europe over the coming year. We started the preview of our thinking on Friday with the external events that will drive our coverage, the yesterday featured some procurement ’thought leadership’ areas that are on our agenda.

Today, we’ll look at some of the issues within the public sector that are on our radar. UK dominated, I admit, but several have an international dimension.  And if there is something you don’t see here that you feel we really should have high on our priority list, then please let us know!

  1. The new EU directives which come into force in 2014 – exciting! Well, maybe not, but significant for everyone, buyers and suppliers, working in that space.

  2. Management of major public sector projects, including IT, construction  BPO. The US fiasco over the Obama Healthcare IT system has pulled this topic onto the front pages.

  3. Corruption in public procurement – anyone seen the news coming out of Turkey recently...? A huge topic in many countries, and not just those in Africa.

  4. Using public procurement to support wider policy objectives, rather than simply getting good value in pure financial. Those policies might be reducing unemployment, increasing skills, supporting innovation or small business, helping minority owned firms or...

  5. Supporting local business. This is becoming a topic significant enough to have a line to itself. Can come into conflict with the aggregation and centralisation agenda (see point 8).

  6. How can public organisations try to Increase commercial awareness and skills beyond the procurement community? Actually, that is a big subject for private sector as well, and relates to the point we made yesterday about the ‘democratisation of the supply chain’.

  7. Defence procurement – there are some specifics in the UK around the future of the Defence Equipment and Support organisation, but globally this is where huge amounts of money is spent, with major issues around corruption (point 3) as well as VFM.

And finally, three that are very UK specific

  1.  Firstly, the efforts of the Crown Commercial Service (assuming the name change happens) to drive effective centralisation across government procurement and generally rule the world.

  2. The continuing squeeze on finances in a number of sectors (local government, police, health), and how procurement can contribute to the preservation of services.

  3. And in the health sector, implementation of the NHS Procurement strategy, and how the new regulations around commissioning of services and the regulatory environment will drive  behaviour and outcomes.

That’s it – hope that sounds like a reasonable topic list but comments most welcome!

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