A Procurement Innocent Heads Abroad – See You Next Week

I’ll be joining Peter in the UK for a few days next week to plot our social media procurement European domination strategy (and also to hit a few good pubs and get some curry in the process). Peter’s cooked up what promises to be a spirited – in more ways than one – procurement debate on Monday night. I must say, I find my UK/European business partner and blogger-in-crime to have a bit of a nasty humor streak pitting me in a debate style that I’m not familiar with against one of the world’s top academics in procurement only eight hours after crawling off a red eye flight from Chicago. Hopefully a warm, welcoming pint of bitter will prove the fuel I need to get my rhetorical procurement debating mojo working that evening.

In all seriousness, I’m really looking forward to my second trip over since Peter and I launched Spend Matters UK/Europe last fall. The past few months of growth have caught us by surprise, as the levels of traffic and sponsorship support we’ve garnered have been ramping ahead of plan. This short month, we should top over 15,000 unique site views, or roughly 5x the level we saw our first month in operation. We’ve also been doing some behind the scenes work in the syndication and partnership realms that we think will increase our readership even further, hopefully placing us among the largest online UK and European procurement sites/publications a year or less from launch.

Yet I don’t think there’s any secret to why our little effort over here is growing at the rate it is. I truly believe Peter has done an outstanding job staying on top of procurement trends and happenings within the UK and European markets, and that readers are responding by voting with their eyeballs. Especially in the area of UK public sector procurement, Peter has broken a number of major stories, in addition to offering a healthy dose of opinion and insight - not to mention soliciting social commentary from readers - across a range of related topics. The two of us are extremely excited for where this little venture will take us next and look forward to sharing with readers some of the plans that we’re considering together.

I hope to connect with as many readers as possible next week in London. And if I miss you this time, I’m sure we’ll come up with some creative outlets for bringing together the Spend Matters UK/Europe community throughout 2011. Considering that trips like this are my best chance of getting a good night's rest – my third son was born in December – I’m sure I’ll be making the trip over again soon. But keep that part between us, will you?

- Jason Busch

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