Procurement Integration – Stakeholders, Suppliers, Systems

You can register here; free of charge of course for our webinar titled Three Foundations for Best Practice Procurement with Wax Digital on November 5th at 2.30pm UK time. We hope you can join us then.
I’ll be presenting along with Daniel Ball, one of the founders and directors of the firm, and we’ll be looking at three aspects around the single theme of “integration” that we do believe are vitally important, both in terms of how you think about procurement success generally, and also with some relevance to procurement technology in particular.

It has become a truism that procurement functions and people must work positively with internal stakeholders in order to be successful, but there is often less analysis and clarity around just how to achieve that. I’ll be taking a look at that subject, and some different models for how procurement can position itself to work successfully with stakeholders.

We’ll then take a look at how that procurement integration with the business applies when we consider procurement systems implementation. And you will need to join us to find out what the Mars Bar has to do with the best strategy for getting stakeholders on board with your latest procurement technology project or initiative!

That will take us into a discussion about how procurement technology can support the overall theme of integration. The right systems can really support integration. Equally, a bad choice or strategy can very much act against the best interests of procurement in terms of achieving that three-way integration between the markets (suppliers), internal stakeholders and procurement.

There’s a fair bit of content for us to cover in our 30 minutes or so, but it should be relevant for pretty much any procurement practitioner / leader. We’re focusing strongly on some direct take-ways as well, so it is certainly not a theoretical discussion. We very much hope you can join us on the 5th.

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