Procurement Job of the Week – for organised people only (sorry..)

Words don't often fail me but.. this week's job of the week has almost achieved that.

This really would be a conversation killer - or perhaps a conversation generator - at parties.

"What do you do"?

"I'm one of the leading buyers of organs in the USA".

"What, like Hammond, or church..?"

"No. Livers, Kidneys, Corneas..."

The role is as Director of Procurement Services - "who will direct the operations of Lifebanc's organ recovery services. The director will manage department staff, assure that quality and compliance requirements meet industry standards, and will ensure compliance with SOPs"

Lifebanc is a non-profit organization in Ohio which manages organ and tissue donations, which saves many lives every year.  It is one of the original seven independent organ procurement organizations in the United States, serving four million people and working with 80 hospitals in 20 counties.

They're looking for a candidate will management experience (presumably that's procurement or similar) as well as having "significant experience as a critical care nurse, OPO or transplant center experience and a Bachelor's degree in nursing". They'll also need to be able to communicate effectively with a wide range of people and possess demonstrated leadership skills.

More details here if you fit that very specific role description!

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