Procurement Job of the Week – Windsor & Maidenhead need eProcurement guru..

Editor's note - this is a bit of an experiment, as we're thinking of introducing this as a regular feature. Thoughts welcome!

Windsor & Maidenhead Council have been one of the most innovative in the UK over the last few years. Unlike certain others (Suffolk, Barnet...)  who have made a lot of noise about radical plans without as yet really delivering, W & M have managed to maintain services while actually reducing council tax. OK, it's not the most deprived area in the UK (although there are parts of Maidenhead that might surprise you....) but it's been a good performance from the Council. They've also taken the lead in issues such as transparency, being one of the first to publish their spend data for instance.

They're now recruiting a Procurement Performance Manager - reporting to the Head of Procurement, and with particular responsibility for the eProcurement strategy and operations. Other areas of responsibiltiy include procurement policy, procedures and communications. So a role with high technical content, but a lot of internal stakeholder contact as well - inter-personal skills as important, we suspect, as the need to be a bit of an eProcurement geek..!

The advert defines the attraction of the role like this:

The bold, ambitious and financially shrewd approach of the private sector with the social purpose of the public sector – really making a difference to people where they live. As part of a radical restructuring of our services we are creating a strategic Procurement and Commissioning team who will play a central role in driving pioneering initiatives.

The salary is £45-50K, plus usual public sector benefits. That means you probably can't afford to live in central Windsor, but the loveliness and affordbale housing of Slough is only just across the Thames...

So not a job to make you rich, but for someone with an interest and some experience  in procurement technology, and ambition perhaps to become a head of function in 2-3 years time, it could be an interesting role, a good stepping stone and a chance to get a very highly regarded council on your cv.

In summary:


  • Council is stable (unlikely to switch to Labour anytime soon) and has a very good reputation
  • Potentially interesting work in an area that has read-across to most public and private sector organisations
  • Public sector benefits


  • Expensive part of the country to live
  • The normal public sector constraints in terms of process

More details and applications via the W&M website here. Closing date is 5th August.

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